Thursday, January 21, 2021   

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Bachmann Compares Letter From Muslim Advocacy Group To Hitler’s Manifesto
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Within her long conversation with host Jan Markell and co-host Eric Barger, Bachmann suggested that Americans read Islamic study materials to learn about Muslims’ supposed plot to conquer Western civilization, comparing the tactic to reading Adolf Hitler’s infamous book, Mein Kampf.

Islamophobia and the Republican Party
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by Robert Grenier, Former CIA station chief Robert Grenier heads ERG partners, a financial consultancy firm

“Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness… Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?”

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Smear and Loathing
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(Via Comedy Central)

Jon Stewart skewers Michele Bachmann’s witch-hunt against Huma Abedin.

Rush Limbaugh: Hillary Clinton Tied To ‘Muslim Sisterhood’
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Following the election of Mohammed Morsi as Egypt’s new President — marking the success of the country’s first democratic Presidential election — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded in her characteristic diplomatic manner.

Anti-Muslim Rhetoric in the USA is Noticed in the Middle East
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Clinton’s remarks came in response to a question from a member of her audience who said he was troubled by some of the comments, which he considered anti-Muslim, made by candidates running for president.

Who Has the Right to Speak Out Against the Ban on Women Driving in Saudi Arabia?
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In Saudi Arabia, women still do not have the right to drive. Recently, a group of Saudi women have challenged this ban, running the risk of prosecution and punishment by their government.

Loonwatch Stands with Protests for Freedom in Egypt
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Loonwatch, like many around the world has been glued to events in Egypt. Will it go the way of Tunisia, full blown revolution, or will brutal repression quell the revolt as happened in Iran? Only time will tell. You can follow the live stream of what is happening in Egypt at AlJazeera’s Live Stream.

What if Jared Loughner were a Muslim?
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Shortly afterward, the media reported that a 22-year-old male had been arrested in the shooting. His name had not yet been released. I believe your reaction to that piece of news depended greatly on your status in American society — namely, whether you’re a Muslim.

Hillary Clinton compares Gabrielle Giffords shooting to 9/11 attacks
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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton compared the man who shot Gabrielle Giffords to Islamist terrorists and the 9/11 attackers and said the incident showed America and the Arab world faced similar problems.

Charles D. Ellison: Why Aren’t We Calling Loughner a Terrorist?
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I can’t help but wonder why folks are so afraid to call the mass shooting in Tuscon, Arizona an act of terrorism. The fear of the “T” word seems almost palpable in describing the gruesome events that took place this past Saturday.