Tuesday, January 19, 2021   

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Film series in Utah explores world of Islamic faith, history and art
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By Peggy Fletcher Stack| The Salt Lake Tribune

Despite the fact that Utah is home to a dozen or so mosques and more than 30,000 Muslims, residents of the Beehive State often know little more about Islam than what they see in Hollywood films.

GOP Senate Candidate Complained of Lack of Muslim Movie Villains
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Political correctness is keeping Hollywood from properly stigmatizing Muslims—so said Mississippi Republican Senate candidate Chris McDaniel. He issued this complaint during a 2006 episode of Right Side Radio, a syndicated show McDaniel hosted for three years before being elected to the state Senate in 2007.

How Hollywood cloaked South Sudan in celebrity and fell for the ‘big lie’
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By Daniel Howden, (The Guardian)

When violence erupted two weeks ago in the world’s youngest country, one of the first voices to speak out, before the US president or the head of the United Nations, was that of the Hollywood actor George Clooney.

Muslim Artists Perform to Break Stereotypes
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by Elizabeth Lee

LOS ANGELES — For decades, Arab actors have been successful in Hollywood. Among the most successful are Omar Sharif, Tony Shalhoub, and F. Murray Abraham; the latter won an Academy Award for his role in Mozart.

Zero Dark Thirty: CIA hagiography, pernicious propaganda
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by Glenn Greenwald (Guardian)

I’ve now seen “Zero Dark Thirty”. Before getting to that: the controversy triggered this week by my commentary on the debate over that film was one of the most ridiculous in which I’ve ever been involved.

Fox News Host Wants Federal Investigation into ‘South Park’ for Blasphemy (RightWingWatch)
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Fox News’s Todd Starnes is sick and tired of ‘South Park’ and Hollywood getting a free pass. The Fox News commentator participated in the Values Voter Summit panel on “Religious Hostility in America” over the weekend.

American Team Wears Hijab to Support Captain
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Cheering up their Muslim teammate, a Floridian high school football team decided to don hijab before their season finale game to show solidarity with their Muslim captain who has been taunted repeatedly over her religious outfit.

Hollywood Hates on a Muslim Sean Stone
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Twitter and the general looniverse was abuzz with the angry reactions of Islamophobes to Sean Stone’s conversion to Islam, we covered the episode in our post, Oliver Stone’s Son Converts to Islam: The “Islamization” of Hollywood Continues?

Oliver Stone’s Son Converts to Islam: The “Islamization” of Hollywood Continues?
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For some reason the Islamophobes are hurt by this, perhaps they believe that Hollywood is about to be overtaken by Muslims or that it is a symbol of the Leftist-Muslamic axis of evil. First it was Liam Neeson and now Oliver Stone’s director son!

Is “Creeping Shariah” Coming to Hollywood? Liam Neeson Moved by “Mosques” and the “Call to Prayer”
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Islamophobes and anti-Muslim haters are all in a tizzy about some kind words that Liam Neeson had to say about Islam and the “beautiful mosques” he encountered in Turkey.