Sunday, January 17, 2021   

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Alaska House of Representatives employee illegally used state resources to promote SIOA
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A legislative aide who joined an anti-Islam group and became obsessed with its mission crossed the line and illegally used state resources to promote its interests, a state ethics panel concluded in a ruling released Friday.

NYPD Muslim Surveillance: House Democrats Call For End To Controversial Program
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WASHINGTON — House Democrats on Thursday urged the New York Police Department to purge its intelligence databases of information gleaned from its clandestine spying on Muslim neighborhoods.

Charles D. Ellison: Why Aren’t We Calling Loughner a Terrorist?
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I can’t help but wonder why folks are so afraid to call the mass shooting in Tuscon, Arizona an act of terrorism. The fear of the “T” word seems almost palpable in describing the gruesome events that took place this past Saturday.

Peter King: Supporter of Terrorists to Head Homeland Security
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Peter King claims American Muslims are a threat to our security while also being soft on terrorism, even though throughout the 80′s and until as recently as 2005 King financially and politically supported the IRA.

Christian Supremacist Allen West Likely Winner in Florida
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Allen West, a favorite of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller is the likely winner in Florida for a seat in Congress. This is quite troubling though not surprising news. West is a supporter of Geert Wildersand is a staunch hater of Islam and a bigoted racist against Arabs.

Rep. Steve King Believes Obama’s Middle Name Matters
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Rep. Steve King who recently cast the sole vote against a memorial for slavery which unanimously passed the house believed that if Obama got elected AlQaeda would be dancing in the streets.He also believes that Obama’s middle name matters because Muslims will be dancing in the streets.