Monday, November 30, 2020   

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‘Islamophobia fruit of US hate rhetoric’
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The growing phenomenon of Islamophobia in the US is the ‘poisonous fruit’ of hate rhetoric generated by controversy over the NY Islamic Center, says CAIR.The number of hate crimes against American Muslims is increasing by the day, especially since the announcement of plans to build a mosque and an Islamic Center in Manhattan, New York.

Latest News Update on Islamophobia
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In the midst of the ongoing controversy over the proposed ‘Ground Zero mosque’ and the attempted murder of a Muslim taxi driver, Muslim-American leaders have expressed their concern saying they fear “Islamophobia” or “anti-Muslim hysteria” could lead to violence and hate crimes in the country.

Robert Spencer: Self-declared Scholar v. Real Scholar on the Fatimah Rifqa Bary Case
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The Right-Wing anti-Muslim loonocracy and its minions in the blogosphere have secured a new cause to rally around, ironically enough it once again involves a Muslim minor, and in this regard, the anti-Muslim blogosphere really doesn’t have a good track record.