Monday, April 19, 2021   

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Nigeria: The Imam and the Pastor by Journeyman Pictures
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In the past year Nigeria has been the scene of much religious and sectarian violence. We have commented on this violence in the past, as well as the efforts to transcend the violence through inter-faith dialogue and action, Nigerians Want to Transcend Sectarian and Ethnic Violence.

Imam, priest, rabbi work together to educate in Q-C
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Being in a place such as the Quad-Cities, where most residents tend to be tolerant and some are interested in the world’s major religions, makes it possible to host joint classes on Islam, Judaism and Christianity in a special three-week series, a local religious leader said.

Glossary of Islamic terms
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Want to know the difference between hajj and halal? Here is a short glossary of some of the most commonly used words and phrases in Islamic religion and culture.


The Arabic word for “god.”

Imam Behind Islamic Center Plans U.S. Tour
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The controversy over plans to build an Islamic center in downtown Manhattan subsided in November, almost abruptly, with the end of an election season that amplified its most emotional underlying issues.

Two men accused in subway imam attack hit with hate crime charges
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The unidentified imam claimed the two men called him a “terrorist” and yelled ethnic and religious slurs when they assaulted him at the Canal Street station early Wednesday, sources said.

Thanks to the Imam, My Little Son Got Serious About Synagogue
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As a good and fractious Jew, I was somewhat ambivalent about which synagogue I would go to: The one I sometimes go to? The one I would never step foot in? The one that I really should create on my own, maybe?

Pamela Geller — Blogger, Provocateur, Lightning Rod
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PAMELA GELLER’S apartment, in the fashion of the blogosphere, doubles as her office. It is a modern full-floor unit in a high-rise on the East Side of Manhattan that could belong to a socialite or the editor of a lifestyle magazine. There is ample light and a tasteful lack of clutter.

Countering Islamophobia post-9/11
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Following Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s recent visit to the United States, our Higher Education Ministry offered to send experts in Islamic studies to the United States to help counter Islamophobia by giving the people lessons on Islam.

“Plot by Muslims to kill Pope’ another Islamophobic ploy
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The situation is just as bad or even worse in America as recent events revealed. The hysteria and outpouring of hate for Islam and Muslims had never been more evident than by the incidence of Qur’an burning and the debacle over the building of a Muslim community center near Ground Zero.

Behind the Mosque in an Islamic Center, an Imam and a Developer
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When asked why they resist moving the center to defuse critics who call its location near ground zero insensitive, for example, Mr. Abdul Rauf said that a move would anger Muslims overseas and endanger American troops.