Friday, October 30, 2020   

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Filmmaker says 1st name ‘Usama’ led to beating
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He chronicled war-torn Iraq through the eyes of its citizens, but filmmaker Usama Alshaibi says he didn’t feel the sting of violence until he crashed a house party last weekend in the tiny Iowa town of Fairfield.

Iowa Voters Still Believe Obama is a Muslim (VIDEO)
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LoonWatch: It looks like Sean Hannity and company are getting wackier by the minute. Here a panel group of caucus voters from Iowa say they believe Obama is an evil Mooslim.

Rep. Steve King Believes Obama’s Middle Name Matters
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Rep. Steve King who recently cast the sole vote against a memorial for slavery which unanimously passed the house believed that if Obama got elected AlQaeda would be dancing in the streets.He also believes that Obama’s middle name matters because Muslims will be dancing in the streets.