Monday, January 25, 2021   

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Why the King Muslim Radicalization Hearings Make us Less Safe
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The horrific attacks in Norway shocked and outraged the world, and especially surprised the people of that country who hadn’t seen domestic violence at that level since World War II.

Daily Show: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sharia?
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Peter King may have ties to the IRA, but he believes that Muslim Americans should be investigated for failing to denounce terrorist organizations.

Jon Stewart puts Peter King on trial.

Rep. Peter King’s Muslim Phobia
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Rep. Peter King plans to hold a Congressional inquiry into American Muslim “radicalization” in his new position as Chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security. This has been seen as a flashback to McCarthy’s witchhunt, and a witch trial. Whether or not this inquiry would benefit anyone has been debated by the right and the left.

Peter King: Supporter of Terrorists to Head Homeland Security
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Peter King claims American Muslims are a threat to our security while also being soft on terrorism, even though throughout the 80′s and until as recently as 2005 King financially and politically supported the IRA.