Monday, October 26, 2020   

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Olympics: International Judo Federation lifts ban on Saudi competitor wearing hijab
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Wojdan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shaherkani is one of only two Saudi women to travel to London after the International Olympic Committee lobbied the conservative Islamic kingdom to end its refusal to send women to the Games.

French draft law aims to ban hijab for child minders
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The controversy surrounding the Islamic headscarf in France is making headlines again as the French National Assembly studies a draft law that will ban religious symbols in all facilities catering for children, including nannies and childcare assistants looking after children at home.

Fifa appears ready to fix football’s Hijab issue once & for all
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By Niloufar Momeni

In June this year, the Iran women’s national team forfeited an Olympic qualifier after they were not allowed to wear head scarves, but will episodes like this soon become history?