Saturday, February 29, 2020   

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Setback for struggle against Islamisation of Australia
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The massed ranks of the Australian Defence Leaguerallied in Sydney on 30 July to protest against sharia law. Judging by photographic evidence, there were fewer than 40 of them.

Islam a threat to Western freedom, Wilders tells Toronto audience
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The presence of Muslims in Canada threatens the country’s freedoms and democracy, and only if immigration from Islamic countries is suspended can the cultural deterioration of the country be stopped, controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders told a packed house Monday night in Toronto.

What happens in England stays in…wait, not really
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So, what is exactly happening on February 5th in the UK? The English Defence League (EDL) is “peacefully protesting” in the streets of Luton – a large town in Bedfordshire, England. They are protesting to support their “continue[d] fight of the Islamifcation” of England.

Laith Saud: Is the “War on Terror” a war or an Ideology?
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As Americans we do not like ideologies, they are rigid and uncompromising; we have historically preferred practical solutions to political problems than pre-formulated ideological ones.

It’s not easy to build a mosque in Brooklyn, either
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Depending on whom you ask, the new mosque planned for a quiet block in southern Brooklyn is either the latest target in a wave of coordinated anti-Muslim sentiment, part of an insidious effort to spread political Islam throughout America or simply a parking nightmare waiting to happen.

‘Islamization’ of Paris a warning to the West, claims Pat Robertson
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CBN does an excellent expose on the degree to which France has allowed Muslims to break French law, and take over large sections of Paris to show primacy in the thin guise of prayer. Why mainstream media does not cover this is staggering. But CBN does a great job on this.