Tuesday, October 20, 2020   

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French Fascists Protest “Islamofascism”
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by Garibaldi, LoonWatch.com

It’s a familiar phenomenon in our world today, defining one’s identity in negative terms or in opposition to a perceived “outside” and “otherized” threat.

Clay Farris Naff: Blame Terrorists, Not Scripture
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Can Islam catch up?

It’s a question I often hear from tolerant but anxious Christians. Their anxiety is entirely understandable. Islam’s extremist offshoots give rise to the most frequent, merciless and vile acts of terrorism in our times.

Right-wing group launches media blitz to win yes vote in Oklahoma anti-Sharia ballot
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A group says the constitutional amendment will prevent the takeover of Oklahoma by Islamic extremists who want to undo America from the inside out.

Pamela Geller — Blogger, Provocateur, Lightning Rod
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PAMELA GELLER’S apartment, in the fashion of the blogosphere, doubles as her office. It is a modern full-floor unit in a high-rise on the East Side of Manhattan that could belong to a socialite or the editor of a lifestyle magazine. There is ample light and a tasteful lack of clutter.