Thursday, July 9, 2020   

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German Catholic leader warns against anti-Muslim incitement
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The leader of Germany’s 26 million Catholics spoke out Tuesday in defence of Muslims and warned Christians to stay on their guard against hatemongers. Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, the head of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference, told the German Press Agency dpa that his church wants more dialogue with Muslims.

Bishop of St Albans urges Christians to ‘stand firm’ against EDL
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The Bishop of St Albans spoke of the need to “stand firm” against racism in society. The Rt Rev Dr Alan Smith used his Christmas sermon in St Albans Cathedral to warn against “destructive powers which try to divide communities, races and religions”.

Arson attack on Portland Islamic centre after failed bombing attempt
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Someone set fire to an Islamic center on Sunday, two days after a man who worshipped there was accused of trying to blow up a van full of explosives during Portland’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Spectator and Mad Mel apologise to Mohammad Sawalha and pay damages
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The Spectator and Melanie Phillips have apologized to Mohammad Sawalha and paid him substantial compensation for damages and all legal costs over an article falsely alleging that he made an anti-Semitic remark.

Arizona: Islamophobes mistake church for mosque
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In an era saturated with absurd moments of anti-Muslim fear- mongering, mosques have become a touchstone for Islamophobia. Even unbuilt mosques have set off a wave of anti-Muslim sentiment in Tennessee, Texas, California, and most notably, New York.

Wilders trial to resume
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Mr Wilders is on trial charged with inciting hatred and discriminating against Muslims. The trial was suspended when the defendant’s lawyer raised objections against the judges. The impartiality of one of the judges was questioned when it turned out he had had a private conversation about the case with a defence witness prior to the trial.

‘Muslims tell British: go to hell’
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The report has produced the intended reaction, judging by the comments that follow it:

“Cultural enrichment … don’t you feel so much better for it ??”

“The bleeding heart liberals are the cause of all this.”

Wilders’ party warns of Islamic ‘right to lie’
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In his recently-published book, PVV MP Martin Bosma describes takiyya as “lying to strengthen Islam.” It amounts to Muslims being able to present themselves as liberal and modern, while secretly working on the introduction of the Sharia.

Sharia hysteria comes to Oklahoma: voters approve Sharia law ban
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Nearly 70 percent of voters there approved ballot initiative “Question 755” – or the “Save Our State” constitutional amendment – which bans Sharia from being considered in Oklahoma courts.

Bill Maher stands by anti-Muslim remarks
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He clarified: “And when I say Westerner, I mean someone who believes in the values that Western people believe in that a lot of the Muslim world does not. Like separation of church and state. Like equality of the sexes.