Thursday, February 25, 2021   

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How Pamela Geller incites race hate in the UK
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by Bob Pitt

Over at Exposing the English Defence League, Julie Blackadder draws our attention to a recent post at Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs blog, headlined “UK teen brutally beaten by 15 Muslims”.

Harry’s Place contributor says rape isn’t that bad
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Last year we ran a piece on former English Defence League activist Andy Hughes, proprietor of the Islamic Far-Right in Britain blog, whose articles denouncing the Islamist threat to western civilisation are regularly crossposted at the notorious Islamophobic blog Harry’s Place.

The French Left and Islam: Liberty, Equality and Islamophobia
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Chanting that the mainstream Muslim federation, the Union des organisations islamiques de France, are fascists who should be treated as garbage, they brandished placards with slogans such as “Islam out of the Louvre” (a new exhibition of Islamic art had just opened at the Louvre Museum) and “No to the Islamisation of Alsace-Lorraine”.

US atheist group targets Muslims and Jews
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CNN reports that the American Atheists organisation are targeting Muslim and Jewish communities with billboards in Arabic and Hebrew describing God as a “myth”.

Belgian politician risks Muslim backlash after using teenage daughter dressed in burka and bikini for campaign against Islam
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A Belgian politician has risked causing uproar among Muslims after starting a “Women Against Islamization” campaign featuring his 19-year-old daughter wearing a burka and a bikini.

New York rally condemns King hearings
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Celebrities from boxing legend Mike Tyson to reality show darling Kim Kardashian added their support online. “We are bigger than Charlie Sheen – we are the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter,” hip-hop icon Russell Simmons told the rain-drenched crowd.

Dutch senator’s call for ban on sharia law is enthusiastically welcomed by Wilders
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Christian Union Senator Roel Kuiper wants to amend the Dutch constitution to include a ban on Sharia, Islamic law. Senator Kuiper made his statement in an interview with newspaper Trouw.

FBI rules graffiti at Missouri mosque wasn’t hate crime
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“You bash us in Pakistan. We bash you here,” the red spray paint said. One message, “Allah F…bar” implied an understanding of an Arabic saying, Allahu akbar – God is great. Other messages were sexual, including a drawing of a penis near the women’s entrance and a reference to Allah being gay.

South Carolina jumps on sharia law bandwagon
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Following the lead of places like Oklahoma, Rep. Wendy Nanney and Sen. Mike Fair introduced a legislative initiative aimed at preventing “a court or other enforcement authority” from enforcing foreign law.

Fire at Southampton halal food shop treated as arson
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A blaze at a Southampton grocery store is being treated as arson, police have confirmed.

The incident at the Emdads Halal Food Hall, on Derby Road, St Mary’s resulted in 18 people being evacuated from their homes.