Tuesday, September 29, 2020   

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Anya Cordell:Muslims and Lowes Are Both Integral To Our Society
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Who, if anyone, ‘won’ anything regarding the Lowes’ issue? Lowes, its stakeholders and employees, Muslims, hatemongers, the public? Unfortunately, those who profit and pleasure in all things anti-Muslim may be the most self-satisfied; something we all should find of grave concern, including Lowes.

Daily Show: Mandvi – Batman’s Muslim Sidekick
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Aasif Mandvi meets a comic book artist who thinks Batman’s Muslim sidekick, Nightrunner, could spell doom for the American way of life.

Comic book artist: “Pigman, he is the ultimate super hero to fight the Jihadists.”

Pamela Geller: Islamophobia/Arabophobia
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Geller does not make any comment about learning Russian, Chinese, or any other language, but for some reason, Arabic is a language of the terrorists. So her logic, or as I like to call it the Gellerian/Spencerian logic is as follows:

Merry Christmas
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Christmas is a beautiful holiday. People do not think to give, they just give. Hopefully, this inherent kindness that is displayed on Christmas, can outlive this day. Giving is not only constrained to expensive gifts. Giving is not only constrained to Apple products.

Narayanan Krishnan: Kindness Cures All
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Narayanan Krishnan thought he would better serve the world if he fed the poor everyday in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. Many of us have the intentions to do great and kind acts, but sometimes we allow those intentions to slip away.

What happens in England stays in…wait, not really
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So, what is exactly happening on February 5th in the UK? The English Defence League (EDL) is “peacefully protesting” in the streets of Luton – a large town in Bedfordshire, England. They are protesting to support their “continue[d] fight of the Islamifcation” of England.