Monday, April 12, 2021   

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NYC subway murder deemed a hate crime by police
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A 31-year-old woman was arrested on Saturday and charged with second-degree murder as a hate crime in connection with the death of a man who was pushed onto the tracks of an elevated subway station in Queens and crushed by an oncoming train.

CCIF’s anti-Islamophobia ads banned from public transport in Paris
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In a country like France in which freedom of expression should be cherished, it is being maligned. It almost seems as if this ad was banned because it was anti-Islamophobic not because of its political and religious connotations.

Judge: Washington D.C. transit system must allow Geller’s anti-Muslim ads
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The D.C. transit system must allow a pro-Israel ad that equates Muslim radicals with savages, a federal judge ruled Friday. A spokesman for the Metro system said it would comply with the judge’s decision and that the advertisements would go up over the weekend.

When will those brave critics of Islam decry this mob hate?
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As anti-Muslim hysteria in the US reaches a peak, its intellectual accomplices should start to reconsider their actions. Pankaj Mishra argues that Islamophobes among the intelligentsia, including “professional former Muslims” like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, have helped create the conditions for the current wave of “mass anti-Muslim hysteria” in the US.

Latest News Update on Islamophobia
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In the midst of the ongoing controversy over the proposed ‘Ground Zero mosque’ and the attempted murder of a Muslim taxi driver, Muslim-American leaders have expressed their concern saying they fear “Islamophobia” or “anti-Muslim hysteria” could lead to violence and hate crimes in the country.