Thursday, October 29, 2020   

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New Jewish Group Wants to Restore Polygamy, What if they were Muslim?
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If such an initiative were started by a group in a pre-dominantly Muslim nation, as it has in places such as Jordan and Malaysia, the Islamophobesphere would go buck wild with cries that it is proof of the backwardness of those societies, or a result of evil SHARIA!!

Spencer Uses Supposed “anti-Semitic” stance amongst Copts to support anti-Muslim rhetoric
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Spencer’s entire call for an alliance of non Muslim groups against Islam is obviously based on his theory that Muslims or “adherents of Sharia” seek the conversion, subjugation, or death of all non-Muslims.

Opponent of NYC Islamic center becomes advocate for mosques nationwide
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Stephen Prothero, a prominent religion professor and CNN Belief Blog contributor, said the ADL’s opposition to the Lower Manhattan Islamic center showed that the group and its leader, Abraham L. Foxman, “no longer occupy a moral high ground.”