Thursday, March 23, 2017   

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Jewish and Muslim communities to break fast for peace
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Jewish and Muslim communities to break fast for peace By Keldy Ortiz (New Haven Register) NEW HAVEN >> The violent actions on display between Israelis and Palestinians is a sight Rabbi Herbert Brockman doesn’t like viewing or listening to. But […]


Local religious leaders unite for change in immigration law
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By Kurt Streeter

Several of Southern California’s most prominent religious leaders held a vigil for immigration reform in downtown Los Angeles on Friday, underscoring a growing interfaith effort to change the nation’s laws.

Montreal rally unites faiths against ‘secularism’ charter
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Speaking to nearly 500 people at the synagogue in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Dowd said he purposely wore his most ostentatious outfit to the multi-faith rally against the Parti Québécois government’s proposed secular charter.

Jewish-Muslim Passover Seder Commemoration
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ACCORDING TO BARRON, the first Jewish-Arab Seder in D.C. was held 25 years ago, bringing people together to work toward peace in the Middle East. “We are still working,” said Barron, “but look how far we’ve come and how many friendships we have built together.”

Jewish, Hindu and Muslim leaders condemn attack at Queens mosque
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Jewish, Hindu and Muslim leaders from Queens gathered with lawmakers to denounce the possible hate crime committed at a Kew Gardens Hills Mosque earlier this month, and city Comptroller John Liu suggested some of the NYPD’s policies could make bias crimes more common.

Muslim and Jewish Students Debate Islamophobia and anti-Semitism
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Toronto, Canada – When I told people that I wanted to organise a speech competition for youth on anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, the most common reaction I received was, “That would be hard.”

Islam and the Religious Demographic Shifts in the USA
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The Puritans, colonial settlers in New England were originally Protestants from Great Britain, they helped to shape the early religious makeup and cultural milieu of what would become the republic of the United States of America.

Mohammed Merah: Al-Qaeda Linked Terrorist is Chief Suspect Behind French Murders
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The chief suspect in the murders of three French soldiers (2 North Africans, 1 Caribbean), and four Jews, including three children, we are being told is a 23 year old man named Mohammed Merah.

Hollywood Hates on a Muslim Sean Stone
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Twitter and the general looniverse was abuzz with the angry reactions of Islamophobes to Sean Stone’s conversion to Islam, we covered the episode in our post, Oliver Stone’s Son Converts to Islam: The “Islamization” of Hollywood Continues?

Three Faiths Under One Roof
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Members of Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths came together in an effort to build a Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas house in the Steven’s Creek subdivision. The “Interfaith Home” dedication by a Christian pastor, Jewish rabbi and Muslim imam, each giving their own special blessing, was Sunday at the subdivision at 1845 Betty Lane.