Saturday, July 11, 2020   

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Glossary of Islamic terms
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Want to know the difference between hajj and halal? Here is a short glossary of some of the most commonly used words and phrases in Islamic religion and culture.


The Arabic word for “god.”

Upset by Ellison’s criticisms, Bradlee Dean says Muslim Democrat wants to overthrow Constitution
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Bradlee Dean of You Can Run But You Cannot Hide ministries lashed out at Rep. Keith Ellison on his Sons of Liberty radio program on Saturday after Ellison called Dean “extreme” in an interview two weeks ago.

Islam a threat to Western freedom, Wilders tells Toronto audience
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The presence of Muslims in Canada threatens the country’s freedoms and democracy, and only if immigration from Islamic countries is suspended can the cultural deterioration of the country be stopped, controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders told a packed house Monday night in Toronto.

Florida pastor cuts Michigan protest short
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(Reuters) – A controversial Florida pastor banned last week from protesting at a Detroit-area mosque on Friday cut short a demonstration at a city hall largely drowned out by counter-protesters.

Hoda Osman: Koran By Heart on Easter Sunday
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It was a beautiful Easter Sunday afternoon in New York and time for me to head to my first Tribeca Film Festival screening: Koran By Heart. As a Muslim and an Arab I was by default attracted to the subject matter.

Koran-Burning Preacher Terry Jones Briefly Jailed In Michigan
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A militant Christian preacher was jailed briefly Friday after a Michigan court ruled that a protest he planned outside a mosque was likely to provoke violence and ordered him to stay away.

Clergy united in their mission to protest rally by Florida pastor
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Some members of the interfaith clergy — Muslims, Christians and Jews — stood hand in hand, others were linked arm in arm, silently surrounding the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn in solidarity Thursday afternoon.

Koran Scholar Chuck Norris Warns Of Creeping Sharia
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Happy Holy Week! This year, Walker Texas Ranger star and Internet meme Chuck Norris is celebrating things a little differently—by writing a special week-long series at WorldNetDaily on the dangers of creeping Islamic Sharia law in American society.

British Man Sentenced To 70 days For Burning Quran
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LONDON (RNS) A British former soldier has been jailed for burning a copy of the Quran in front of shoppers in England — an act the judge described as “theatrical bigotry.” Andrew Ryan was sentenced to 70 days for setting fire to the Islamic holy book on Jan. 19 in Carlisle with a cigarette lighter after his first attempt with matches failed.

Analyst: Muslims distancing from extremism
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But now that people in Arab countries see that they have hope and can change the political climate, they are putting their energies and abilities toward rejecting fear, ending corruption, demanding decent governance and affirming human and democratic rights, he said.