Wednesday, April 21, 2021   

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Mitt Romney Appoints anti-Muslim Militiaman Walid Phares
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There is a troubling track record on the Right-Wing of nominating hatemongerers, bigots and now potential associates to war crimes to key positions in their cabinets. Is it willful ignorance, stupidity, or purposeful?

Peter King: “Walid Phares, as of Now not Testifying at ‘Muslim Hearings’”
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Peter King supported the IRA

It seems as if Rep. King has changed his tune on Walid Phares somewhat. He will no longer be calling him to testify:

Rep. Peter King to Call Walid Phares, Former Lebanese Forces Militiamen at Muslim Hearings
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Rep. Peter King, slated to hold hearings on the threat of “terrorism in the American Muslim community” is well known for his checkered past in regards to terrorism as well as outlandish and overtly bigoted statements against Muslims.