Wednesday, April 21, 2021   

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On the Marriage of Aisha
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The so-called ‘scandal of the marriage of Aisha to the Prophet Muhammad’ is a favorite topic for Islamophobes and anti-Islam polemicists alike. It is a distorted topic that they luridly present, attempting to create the narrative that Islam allows men to have sex with prepubescent girls and that the Prophet Muhammad was a “pedophile.”

Pat Robertson, Islamophobic Televangelist, Compares ‘Evil’ Islam To Nazism (VIDEO)
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Controversial televangelist Pat Robertson is known for many things, especially for building a lucrative Christian media organization and leading a cohort of conservative evangelists.

Pat Robertson Claims Islam Is ‘Demonic’ And ‘Not A Religion’ But An Economic System
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(Huffington Post)

Controversial conservative Christian Pat Robertson doubled down Tuesday on claims that Islam is not a religion.

Pat Robertson, Televangelist, Encourages Man To Become Muslim So He Can Beat His Wife
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Past targets have included gays, feminists and pagans, atheists, people with Alzheimer’s, adoptive parents, Haitians and people who don’t pray enough. This time, the televangelist focused his ire on wives who fail to properly obey their husbands.