Wednesday, January 20, 2021   

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Jesse Lava: Harvard Students Slam School’s Bigotry
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This honor will come in the form of a $650,000 fund that the Department of Social Studies is creating in Peretz’s name — a nice celebration for a man with a sordid history of bigoted comments, mainly (though not entirely) against Arabs and Muslims.

Harvard students protest against Martin Peretz
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A sizable group of students upset by Peretz’s writings over the years – most recently his assertion that Muslim life is cheap and that followers of Islam should not be protected by the First Amendment, for which he later partially apologized – was on hand to protest Peretz and the university.

Jonathan Weiler: According to Peretz, Americans Must Think Life Is Cheap
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The extent to which militarism and violence have come to pervade American foreign policy since the end of World War II disturb me deeply. But I don’t actually think that life is cheap to Americans because of these developments.

Harvard faces protests over honour for Martin Peretz
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Harvard academics and students are demanding that the university rescind a plan to honour the editor-in-chief of a leading Washington political magazine this week after he wrote that Muslims are unfit for the protections of the US constitution and said that “Muslim life is cheap”.

“Plot by Muslims to kill Pope’ another Islamophobic ploy
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The situation is just as bad or even worse in America as recent events revealed. The hysteria and outpouring of hate for Islam and Muslims had never been more evident than by the incidence of Qur’an burning and the debacle over the building of a Muslim community center near Ground Zero.