Thursday, January 28, 2021   

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Massacre Of Muslims In Myanmar Ignored
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By TODD PITMAN Associated Press

MEIKHTILA, Myanmar — Their bones are scattered in blackened patches of earth across a hillside overlooking the wrecked Islamic boarding school they once called home.

“Counterjihad” Connection to Sandyhook Massacre?: Anders Breivik’s Articles Found in Adam Lanza’s Bedroom
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Law enforcement sources have uncovered several articles about Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian anti-Muslim/Leftists terrorist in the bedroom of killer Adam Lanza.

AlJazeera: 2004 Massacre of Thai Muslims Remembered
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The ongoing insurgency in the predominantly Muslim Southern Thai states bordering Malaysia does not get much media coverage in the USA. The issue is usually covered in soundbites or framed as “Islamic extremists” versus the Buddhist Thais. Relevant history and context is breezed over or ignored.

Marine Gets Three Months in Jail for Massacring Two Dozen Civilians
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More than six years after Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich led a squad of Marines into two Haditha, Iraq homes and massacred two dozen civilians, the American serviceman in charge has reached a plea deal.

In Norway, Ramadan Begins in the Shadow of a Massacre
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OSLO — Norway’s Muslims, reviled by the far-right extremist behind the twin attacks of July 22, began an emotional Ramadan Monday amid more funerals and ceremonies commemorating the 77 people killed.

Muslims and Christians Gather together in Iraq
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We need to see more of this. There are people everyday fighting against extremism.

Muslims and Christians hold their respective holy scriptures at a gathering to support peace amongst the various confessions in Iraq.