Tuesday, January 26, 2021   

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If you haven’t been Detained, you’ve been Deported
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The Islamophobia that is alive in this country – from the anti-Muslim legislation to the illegal spying by the NYPD – casts a wide net on Muslims, citizens and non-citizens, similarly to the way it is casted on immigrants.

Stop the Judeo-Mestizo Islamization of North America!
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Recently a visitor left a comment assuring us he’s not too worried about “the Mooslems” in America, but only because the real problem is the alleged “Mestizo threat,” which is apparently being facilitated by “the Joos,” who are somehow responsible for our “open borders.”

Rick Perry: Hamas And Hezbollah Working In Mexico
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Texas Gov. Rick Perry warned viewers of CNN’s Republican debate on Tuesday that Hamas and Hezbollah were working out of Mexico. Perry’s answer came in response to a question about securing the southern border.

Muslims In Mexico Under Greater Scrutiny From U.S.
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The 2010 Mexican census says there are 3760 Muslims living in Mexico in regions as varied as Chiapas and Mexico City. The assassination of Osama bin Laden earlier this month has caused the Mexican and American governments to step up their surveillance of this little-known community.