Tuesday, April 13, 2021   

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Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts presents a honest view of Muslim culture
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by Zehra Abbas

In keeping with UH’s much-appreciated diversity, the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts is making an effort to gain a better understanding of Muslim culture.

Civil Rights Groups Slam Amendment Targeting Muslim Immigrants
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Civil rights leaders slammed an amendment added to the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill that would subject immigrants from Muslim countries for extra scrutiny.

Pope extends hand of friendship to “Muslim brothers and sisters” during Good Friday rite
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ROME – Pope Francis reached out in friendship to “so many Muslim brothers and sisters” during a Good Friday procession dedicated to the suffering of Christians from terrorism, war and religious fanaticism in the Middle East.

Halting anti-Muslim violence
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Many of the recent attacks have taken place shortly after well-publicised anti-Muslim hate speeches, argues author.

There has been a sudden uptick in the number of violent hate crimes where the victims are thought to be Muslim or “Middle Eastern”.

Cameron Mohammed: Armed hate crime victim doesn’t shoot back
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Surveillance video captures the moment Mr Mohammed and his girlfriend were attacked at point-blank range outside a shopping centre parking lot in Florida around 3am on Thursday.

Christmas 2012: The Flowering of Middle Eastern Christianity and the Challenges it Faces
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There are more Middle Eastern Christians than ever before, and they are poised between emergence as a new political force in a democratizing region and the dangers to them of fundamentalism and political repression.

Newsweek Publishes Islamophobic ‘Muslim Rage’ Cover In Response To Embassy Attacks
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Anti-Islam rhetoric in the United States has heated up this week in the wake of the violent protests in the Middle East. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough joined in the backlash this morning, saying the entire Muslim world hates the United States “because of their religion.”

American Muslims Working to Protect Equal Rights of Minorities in Middle East
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Muslim American’s continue with their persistent and consistent efforts at highlighting the critical importance of promoting and protecting “equal rights” for minorities in the Middle East.

Muslim fashion takes hold in Bay Area
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By Matt O’Brien, Bay Area News Group

Ruhollah Habibi dresses sharply in a suit and tie each morning for his job at JP Morgan. But the banker also carries a thobe to work on Fridays, slipping on the Arabian-style tunic for afternoon prayers.

Anti-Muslim Rhetoric in the USA is Noticed in the Middle East
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Clinton’s remarks came in response to a question from a member of her audience who said he was troubled by some of the comments, which he considered anti-Muslim, made by candidates running for president.