Wednesday, October 28, 2020   

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Imam Magid Reflects on Mercy at National Cathedral Interfaith 9/11 Vigil
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Early this morning, millions of people across America arose from bed to start their day. Ten years ago, on this very same day, thousands of Americans arose from bed, just like any other day, and got ready for work, for travel, for school.

ISNA President Discusses Islamophobia on MSNBC
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Directly following the announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death, there were a number of hate crimes perpetrated at mosques across the country, further reinforcing the mis-conception by some Americans that Islam is synonymous with terrorism.

Frank Gaffney’s Latest Conspiracy: Herman Cain Actually Met With A ‘Prominent Muslim Brotherhood’ Group
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Last week, Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain met with Muslim leaders outside Washington, DC in alaudable attempt to make amends for the Islamophobic positions that had come to characterize his candidacy.

Muslims at mosque in N.Va. await Obama’s speech
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Many at the ADAMS Center mosque in Sterling recall the pride and hope they felt when they heard President Obama’s first major address to the Muslim world last year. Some quote parts of it by memory: “Let there be no doubt: Islam is a part of America.”