Tuesday, April 20, 2021   

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Australia visit prompts condemnation of Wilders
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Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders could learn a lot about the strengths of multiculturalism during his Australian visit, community and religious leaders say. Mr Wilders will give speeches in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth this month about what he calls the “Islamisation of Australia”.

Pennsylvania “Sharia Court”: Loons Jump the Gun AGAIN on Ginned up “Legal Jihad”
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All across the looniverse, there is an uproar over an alleged triumph of Sharia in a Pennsylvania court case presided over by a “Muslim” judge. It’s not the first time anti-Muslim bigots pounced on a story of so-called “legal jihad” before they got their facts straight.

American Muslims Stand Out as a Multicultural Market with Significant Opportunities
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American Muslims are the most diverse religious group in America according to Magali Rheault, Senior Analyst, Gallup Center for Muslim Studies.

John R. Bowen: Europeans Against Multiculturalism
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One of the many signs of the rightward creep of Western European politics is the recent unison of voices denouncing multiculturalism. German Chancellor Angela Merkel led off last October by claiming that multiculturalism “has failed and failed utterly.”

Multiculturalism in Canada
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With Islamophobia on the rise in the US and Europe, has Canada set a different example by electing that country’s first ever Muslim mayor?

Thirty-eight-year-old Naheed Nenshi, a Harvard-educated professor of Indian descent, won in the western city of Calgary, considered to be Canada’s conservative bastion.

‘Muslims tell British: go to hell’
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The report has produced the intended reaction, judging by the comments that follow it:

“Cultural enrichment … don’t you feel so much better for it ??”

“The bleeding heart liberals are the cause of all this.”

Mosques Take Over Our Cities
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“Mosques take over our cities,” cried the Daily Star; “Church diocese is axed because of Muslim influx,” howls the Daily Express. You can almost picture the wide eyed reaction of the public who read these headlines over the prospect of Muslims taking over cities in Britain.

Yursil Kidwai: Germany Forgets: Islamic Values are Christian Values
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A recent survey in Germany shows that 13 percent of its citizens would welcome a Fuhrer, and 60 percent would restrict the practice of Islam. More than a third of Germans feel “overrun by foreigners”.

Merkel echoes Seehofer, says multiculturalism has failed
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In a speech to supporters, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Saturday that multiculturalism in Germany has not met with success. She stressed that immigrants must learn to speak German and integrate into German society.

‘Multiculturalism is dead’ says Seehofer
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Seehofer was again criticised by the Central Council of Jews in Germany for his comments. “All possible cultural circles are being stigmatised, defamed and tarred with the same brush. I find it on the one hand irresponsible and on the other, shabby,” said Stephan Kramer, secretary general of the Council.