Sunday, January 17, 2021   

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5 things Bill Maher Got Wrong In Latest Islam Rant
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Omar Baddar

As a liberal agnostic, I might better enjoy my time critiquing religion with fellow skeptics. But when skeptics single out a particular faith or group for unfair demonization, I do feel compelled to respond.

WikiLeaks: Kiwi mosque spied on by US
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The Muslim community in New Zealand was probed by United States diplomats for signs of extremist behaviour – even visiting a mosque to listen to a preacher’s teaching. Signs of a Kiwi al-Qaeda failed to emerge despite mosque visits, quiet dinners with members of the Muslim society and meetings with Islamic scholars.

Beer thrown at mosque following Kingston protest march
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Masked men threw bottles of beer and urinated on a mosque following a march against Muslim extremism.

Bacon was also left on cars near Kingston Mosque during the attack by a group of 10-15 youths on Sunday. Zionist Groups Stoke Fear of Islam for Political Profit
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After we published our article on The Connection Between Zionism and Organized Islamophobia — The Facts, we had some knee jerk responses by people who obviously hadn’t read the article claiming that we were dabbling in anti-Semitism.