Friday, February 28, 2020   

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Right-wing bloggers protest Muslim hero
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Right-wing bloggers have criticised DC Comics’ newly introduced Muslim superhero.

First appearing in the pages of Detective Comics Annual #12, Nightrunner is a 22-year-old Muslim Algerian recruited by Bruce Wayne to be the Batman of Paris, reportsRobot 6.

In Europe, far right banks on Islamophobia
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Wilders’ Freedom Party this summer scored its best parliamentary election result, on the wings of a populist election campaign centered on stopping the “Islamization” of the Netherlands. It’s clear that the “new wind” Wilders foresees will blow first and foremost in the face of the country’s Muslims.

55 percent of Germans believe Muslim community is a social and financial burden
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A majority of Germans believe the country’s roughly four million Muslims are an economic burden, a poll showed Thursday, adding further fire to a raging immigration debate in Europe’s top economy.

Italian Muslims complain to president about violation of rights by Lega Nord
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Muslims in Italy have written to the country’s president Giorgio Napolitano claiming their constitutional rights are being violated by the anti-immigrant policies of the Northern League party.

Germany Christian Democrat MP supports Sarrazin, says voters would welcome new party to right of CDU
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A member of Angela Merkel’s conservatives said on Saturday the electorate would welcome a new political party further to the right.

Eighteen percent of Germans would vote for a political party led by Sarrazin
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He has created a furore in Germany with assertions about Muslim immigrants to Germany failing to integrate, and what he insists is a genetic element to intelligence – and the astounding proposal that people of a common religion are genetically related.

Germany: two polls on public attitudes towards Sarrazin controversy
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Chancellor Angela Merkel and a host of leading politicians have rebuked the 65-year-old Sarrazin, who has said immigrants of Turkish and Arab origin refuse to integrate, sponge off the state and make the country less intelligent on average.