Sunday, April 18, 2021   

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Yom Kippur Helps Muslim Woman Rediscover Her Jewish Roots
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The revelation came while Yosif, who lives in North Brunswick, N.J., was mourning her grandfather’s death. A cousin who had inherited his belongings came upon old identification papers for their grandmother, who had died many years before.

Jaweed Kaleem: Mohamed Magid: A Portrait of An American Imam
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In the middle of the night a few years ago, Imam Mohamed Magid got a peculiar phone call from a young man who attended his Northern Virginia mosque. The man, who was in the car with a woman, wanted to know if the imam could perform a marriage “right now” in a parking lot so the man could wouldn’t feel bad if he had sex.

Imam Abdullah Antepli: A Day of Deep Sorrow: An Imam’s Reflections on Yom Hashoah
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This is the first Holocaust remembrance day (Yom Hashoah) since I, together with seven other Muslim American leaders, visited various Nazi concentration camps in Germany and Poland last summer.

Statement Of Muslim American Imams And Community Leaders On Holocaust Denial
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On August 7-11, 2010, we the undersigned Muslim American faith and community leaders visited Dachau and Auschwitz concentration camps where we witnessed firsthand the historical injustice of the Holocaust.