Tuesday, April 20, 2021   

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Muslim students help stock food pantry at Episcopal church
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BY ZACHARY REID Richmond Times-Dispatch

Nameera Perwez picked up on her lesson fast, and she was eager to put it in action.

London Metropolitan University: Muslim students oppose alcohol ban
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Students at London Metropolitan University said banning alcohol in the name of Muslims will cause tension on campus, divide the community, and could be exploited by far-Right groups such as the English Defence League.

Muslim Students Convicted of Being Mean to Israeli Ambassador
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Last year, when Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren announced his intention to speak at the University of California at Irvine, some members of the school’s Muslim Students Union plotted to inform Oren of their feelings about some of Israel’s policies. They used their voices to do so. This is illegal!

Christian Member of the Knights Templar Interrupts Muslim Student Event
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Even Ivy League Universities such as Princeton are not immune from radical anti-Muslims. A Christian man by the name of Adam Pyle interrupted a Muslim Student “welcome back dinner,” telling them that “Muslims are going to hell.”

Religion in schools? Heaven forbid
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OTTAWA — Well done, concerned citizens. For weeks, in vast numbers, across the nation, you expressed outrage that a public school in Toronto permits Muslim students to pray for half an hour each Friday. In the school cafeteria. A cafeteria built with tax dollars. Your tax dollars.

USF Muslim students teach ‘Hijab 101’
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TAMPA – Layla Aysheh has heard a lot of questions about her hijab, the scarf she wears to cover her hair when she’s around men. But this one was the weirdest:What about male animals, someone asked. Do you have to wear it in front of them, too?