Tuesday, October 20, 2020   

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Racists convicted of attack on Muslim taxi driver
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During the terrifying incident, father–of-five Muhammed Hussain, from Holme Slack, Preston, was spat at, punched in the face, grabbed around the neck and called racist names.

Who Else Will Speak Up About the Mosque?
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The hate-filled signs carried recently by protesters trying to halt plans to build an Islamic center and mosque in Lower Manhattan were chilling. We were cheered to see people willing to challenge their taunts and champion tolerance and the First Amendment. But opportunistic politicians are continuing to foment this noxious anger.

Latest News Update on Islamophobia
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In the midst of the ongoing controversy over the proposed ‘Ground Zero mosque’ and the attempted murder of a Muslim taxi driver, Muslim-American leaders have expressed their concern saying they fear “Islamophobia” or “anti-Muslim hysteria” could lead to violence and hate crimes in the country.