Friday, February 26, 2021   

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Sahar Aziz: The Importance of Muslim Women in Counter-terrorism
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In December 2011, Janet Napolitano testified that lone wolf terrorists are America’s primary domestic national security threat. Based on recent terrorism indictments, Napolitano was clearly referring to young Muslim men in America with unpopular political viewpoints and orthodox religious beliefs.

Engy Abdelkader: Islamophobic Bullying in Our Schools
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by Engy Abdelkader

“You boys were so much fun on the 8th grade trip! Thanks for not bombing anything while we were there!” read the yearbook inscription penned by the middle school teacher.

Daniel Tutt: Russell Simmons Pledges Support for American Muslims (VIDEO)
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With the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 less than a month away, Simmons has again pledged his support for the American Muslim community. This time he has created a video that calls upon Americans to support the new online campaign, “My Fellow American.”

Sarah Sayeed, Ph.D.: Supporting Nonviolence In Islam
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Endorsing their support for an anti-war rally on April 9, 100 imams and Muslim leaders in the United States recently issued a statement “calling for an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, condemning terrorism and thanking American individuals and groups who are standing with the Muslim community against Islamophobia.”

Cathleen Falsani: One Nation Under Allah
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On Monday (March 14), Missouri state Rep. Don Wells introduced a proposed constitutional amendment aimed at blocking Sharia — the Islamic legal code — from being used in state courts. Another Missouri lawmaker introduced a bill to ban the use of any foreign laws in state courtrooms.

Muslims And ACLU Sue FBI Over Mosque Surveillance
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(RNS) Is sending a secret informant into a mosque in search of terrorists proactive policing, or a violation of worshippers’ civil rights? That’s the question a federal judge will have to answer after the American Civil Liberties Union and the Council of American-Islamic Relations filed a lawsuit Tuesday (Feb. 22) in Los Angeles against the FBI.

Mona Eltahawy: Muslims in America: A Year In Review
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Take one comedian, mix in a beauty queen, throw in some bigots and an exploding crow and you’ll open an unorthodox window into the past year for Muslims in America.

It’s been a tough year, so let’s start with the crow.

Nurah-Roasalie Amat’ullah: Why Muslims Should Get in the Holiday Spirit and End Hunger
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As American Muslims commemorate Eid al-Adha (the Feast of the Sacrifice), we watch an orgy of excess, with the pangs of our hunger still fresh in our memories.

Muslim Leaders Probe Problem Of Disaffected Youths
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“Why do we in Muslim communities not have centers for at-risk youth?” said civil rights attorney Reem Salahi at the annual national convention of the Muslim Public Affairs Council on Saturday (Dec. 18) in Los Angeles.

Eboo Patel: Islam in America: Choosing Pluralism Over Prejudice
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About the best thing that’s said about Muslims these days is they can’t all be bad. Maybe so, others insist, but they all have that potential. This is the logic of prejudice, which holds up the worst elements of a community and fears that the rest will follow.