Monday, October 26, 2020   

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TIME: “The Face of Buddhist Terror”
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Having seen the type of headlines about Islam and Muslims that have proliferated over the decades I recoil at the association of a religion, Buddhism, with “terror” and violence. This kind of sensationalist treatment is unnecessary and when it becomes a cultural meme can have near irreversible consequences.

Myanmar Minister Backs Two-Child Policy for Rohingya Minority
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(Reuters) – Myanmar’s Immigration Minister has expressed support for a controversial two-child limit on a Muslim minority group that opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and the United Nations call discriminatory and a violation of human rights.

Mosque and Muslim Orphanage Burned Down in Most Recent Myanmar Violence
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In the eastern state of Shan a Buddhist mob went on a rampage after allegations that a Muslim attempted to set fire to a Shan Buddhist after the two had an altercation at a petrol station.

One Region in Myanmar Limits Births of Muslims
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The local authorities in the western state of Rakhine in Myanmar have imposed a two-child limit for Muslim Rohingya families, a policy that does not apply to Buddhists in the area and comes amid accusations of ethnic cleansing during earlier sectarian violence.

Myanmar Muslims live in constant fear
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Are we witnessing a slow genocide?

Will the genocide be accelerated if powerful nationalist groups get elected? The humanitarian crisis continues in Myanmar.

Dalai Lama Decries Buddhist Attacks On Muslims In Myanmar
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COLLEGE PARK, Md., May 7 (Reuters) – Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on Tuesday decried Buddhist monks’ attacks on Muslims in Myanmar, saying killing in the name of religion was “unthinkable.”

Suu Kyi spokesman: “There is no Rohingya”
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As advocates condemn “ethnic cleansing” of the Rohingya, officials say no such group exists. YANGON, Myanmar — From the depths of obscurity, Myanmar’s highly beleaguered Muslim Rohingya ethnicity has become something of a global cause célèbre.

Burma: Buddhist Mob Attacks Muslim Properties and Mosques in Oakkan Town
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There have been several stories over the past month of violence directed at Muslims that we have not covered but suffice it to say the perpetuation of hate and violence continues in Burma.

Sex, Women and Racism in Myanmar: How Irrational They are
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Recently, a friend forwarded me a link to a web blog. The link points to a 400-page document, titled “Islam Virus”, which is a collection of misinformation about Islam – how cruel, inhumane and scary Muslims are.

Burmese Muslims Skeptical of Mosque Fire That Killed 13 Children
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It’s important to highlight that there are conflicting reports on what caused this tragic fire and that it is not established that it was the result of arsonists. The persecution that Muslims have faced in Myanmar has been on a horrific scale and does not engender trust in the authorities.