Thursday, August 6, 2020   

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NASA’s Tahani Amer: Amazing Muslim American Woman
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I have always strived to live by three simple principles: Please God and you will please all. Education is the key to opportunity. Serve others with compassion and kindness.

Sanaz Raji: Bobak Ferdowsi! But What’s in a Name?
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by Sanaz Raji (Frontline PBS)

It is not every day that an Iranian makes it into the Western mainstream media and pop culture with a positive story that leads to near-universal admiration among Iranians and non-Iranians alike.

Fox News Analyst Reminds Us What Neil Armstrong’s Death Is Really About: Obama Spreading Islam
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While you were busy mourning Neil Armstrong, Fox News analyst Monica Crowley was looking for a way to politicize his death. She found it in one of the far right’s most insidious tropes — Islamophobia.