Saturday, March 6, 2021   

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Threat letter to French mosque praises far right
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(The Local)

A mosque in the Paris suburbs said on Friday it had filed a complaint with police after slices of pork paté and a threatening letter were stuffed into its mailbox.

Muslim graves at Christchurch Cemetery, Newport, desecrated by racist vandals
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MUSLIM graves at a Newport cemetery have been desecrated with racist graffiti.The vandals used white paint to write “Lee Rigby murder”, “white power” and drew swastikas on four gravestones at Christchurch Cemetery.

France’s Le Pen Battles Islamonazi Occupation
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In a recent interview with Al Jazeera in which she expounds on the alleged threat France faces from radical Islam, Marine Le Pen – president of the far-right National Front party and member of the European Parliament – seeks international validation for her anti-immigrant views.

National Front targets another mosque
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No doubt flushed with the “success” of its recent protest at the site of a proposed mosque in Sunderland, the National Front has belatedly latched on to the plan to convert a vacant building in Worcester Park in South London into an Islamic centre, which has already been the subject of local opposition.

National Front planning to protest ‘once a month’ at proposed Sunderland mosque
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The right wing group demonstrated against the building of a mosque in St Mark’s Road in Sunderland on Saturday, August 11. Police were forced to separate the protesters and anti-fascist groups as tensions heightened in front of worried residents.