Friday, April 23, 2021   

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Stop trying to split gays and Muslims
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Anti-Islam crusader Pam Geller’s effort to foment hate between the two groups is based on lies and doomed to fail. I have an earnest and sincere question for the LGBT community: Do you support Pamela Geller?

Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn goes global with political ambitions
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Buoyed by its meteoric domestic success, the far right party is planning to expand ‘wherever there are Greeks’ Emboldened by its meteoric rise in Greece, the far-right Golden Dawn party is spreading its tentacles abroad, amid fears it is acting on its pledge to “create cells in every corner of the world”.

North East Infidel Nazis Join EDL March at Shotton Colliery Protest
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Two men were arrested yesterday during a protest over a planned Muslim education centre in the North. Police estimate that around 200 members of the English Defence League turned out to the protest in the former pit village of Shotton Colliery, County Durham.

Anti-Muslim Swiss tweet urges new Kristallnacht
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Alexander Müller, a Zurich politician from the far-right Swiss People’s Party has caused outrage by appearing to call for “another Kristallnacht” in a hateful anti-Islamic tweet. The offending message, which has since been taken down from Müller’s @DailyTalk account, said: “Maybe we need another Kristallnacht… this time for mosques.”

Justice for Nouredine Rachedi
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The victim of a vicious Islamophobic attack awaits the verdict of a Versailles appeal court after his alleged attackers, one a known violent racist, were acquitted. Nouredine Rachedi and his supporters in the campaign group Justice for Nouredine were in court on 12 June and now anxiously await the verdict.

Terrorist Inspirer Robert Spencer Compares Muslims to Nazis, Says Muslims Can’t Be Trusted
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Even if you’re a Muslim who is heading and escalating the drone program against the enemies of the USA (killing many innocents in the process), you risk Spencer labeling you an “evil suspect Mooslim.”

US Marines Pose with Nazi Symbol: To Them All Afghans are “Sand N*****s”
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To these Marines all Afghans are probably “Sand N*****s” and so they have no issue with posing with a Nazi symbol.

The story below highlights that many Jewish organizations and others are outraged by the photo and are demanding an investigation.

Toulouse: School tagged with anti-Arab graffiti
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Via La Dépêche (French):

A high-school in Toulous was tagged with racist and anti-Arab graffiti: “Arabs out of France”, “Arabs get lost” “Islam get out” (the latter in English) as well as Nazi symbols.

Robertson And Spencer Agree: Media Love Islam ‘Cult’ Because They Hate America
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Spencer told Robertson, who was upset that no one in the media was telling “the truth about this cult,” that the “hard left” media hate America and Christianity, and therefore “love” radical Islam.

Gingrich Heralds The Red Scare, Says We Need To Deal With Muslims The Way We Dealt With Communists
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Once relegated to the right-wing fringe, the current era of Islamophobia is bleeding into mainstream politics and quickly becoming a defining leg of the GOP platform.