Sunday, January 24, 2021   

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Mohammed Ansar: Advertising Islamophobia Hits London Railways
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by Mohammed Ansar, Huffington Post

An estimated one billion passengers are carried on railway journeys each year. In the UK, despite spiralling costs, it’s an important part of everyday life for many people.

French far right uses halal accusation to woo voters
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(Reuters) – French far-right leader Marine Le Pen switched her presidential campaign back to immigration on Sunday, accusing Nicolas Sarkozy of bowing to Muslim pressure over how animals are killed for meat, to try to head off his attempts to poach her supporters.

Muslim Women Face Choices As France’s Veil Ban Looms
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TRAPPES, France — Karima has a plan. If police stop her for wearing a veil over her face, she’ll remove it – then put it back on once they’re out of sight. If that doesn’t work, she’ll stay home, or even leave France.

Dominique Moisi: Obama the Pedagogue Versus Sarkozy the Demagogue?
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In the past few weeks, the American and French presidents have represented near perfect illustrations of these two models. By appearing to endorse the building of a mosque and Islamic cultural center at the threshold of Ground Zero, Barack Obama has placed himself in the “pedagogue” category.