Saturday, September 19, 2020   

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David Gaubatz: Co-Author of “Muslim Mafia” Asserts that the Government and Muslims Colluding to Indoctrinate Children
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by Jacob Hausener “Muslim Children are Being Taught to Hate” rang the title of a Family Security Matters article written by David Gaubatz, co-author of “The Muslim Mafia” and director of “The Mapping Sharia’ Project.” Gaubatz’s name may not be […]

Joe Kaufman O-Meter #3: Paying Homeless Folk to Attend his “Protests”
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What did we expect from Joe “nuke the Mooslims” Kaufman? For years now the gum-shoe “investigative journalist” has been gathering his handful of protesters to demonstrate at the conferences, gatherings, festivals and events of American Muslim organizations or leaders.