Sunday, January 17, 2021   

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SPLC: Christian Reconstruction Group Cruises ‘Patriot’ Waters
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American Vision is a hard-line Christian Reconstruction organization whose current leader, Gary DeMar, has said that democracy should be replaced by a theocratic government run by Christians who will impose Old Testament prohibitions and the occasional executions of “sodomites” to drive gay people back into the closet.

Here’s reason for us to fear fear itself
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Below are four quotes. Each is from one of two sources: the Bible or the Koran, although, just to make things interesting, there’s also a chance all four are from one book. Two were edited for length and one of those was also edited to remove a religion-specific reference. Your job: identify the holy book of origin. Ready?

Shocking Stoning in Philadelphia of Homosexual, What if they were Muslim?
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Oh no it looks like a Sharia’ takeover!! Hide your kids, hide your wife and your gay neighbors too because they’re coming to get you!! A 70 year old man was stoned to death by 28 year old MuslimChristian, John Thomas. What was his motivation? Could it be the Quran? Sharia’ Law?

Fischer: God Honors Those Who Inflict “Massive Casualties” Because “Christianity is Not a Religion of Pacifism”
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Fischer says inflicting “massive casualites” is Christian. He cites massacres in the Old Testament as his proof.

Theresa McCune: You Can’t Handle The Truth
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I enjoy meeting new people and am always open to conversation. I have even made some good friends this way. However, if you aren’t prepared to hear the answers, then please hold your questions until after you’ve read at least some of the Quran and/or Hadith in your language.