Wednesday, April 21, 2021   

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Christmas 2012: The Flowering of Middle Eastern Christianity and the Challenges it Faces
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There are more Middle Eastern Christians than ever before, and they are poised between emergence as a new political force in a democratizing region and the dangers to them of fundamentalism and political repression.

At Orthodox Sex-Abuse Trial, Little-Known Enforcement Group Comes to Light
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The article rightly points out that the Torah doesn’t say,“‘Make a modesty squad.’ They made it themselves.” One has to wonder if the Vaad were Muslim if such a point would be made?

Israeli Settlers Vandalize and Set Mosque on Fire
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(Via WhatiftheywereMuslim)

Can anyone imagine if Muslims had done this to a so-called “disused” Synagogue, Church, etc.? You can be sure there would be a big brouhaha over how Islam is evil and is trying to destroy the “infidel.”

Pamela Geller Watch: Serbian War Criminal Mladic Caught – Pamela Geller Inconsolable
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War criminal Ratko Mladic was arrested yesterday in Serbia, where he was hiding from justice under an assumed name. Time’s Mark Benjamin has this excerpt from Mladic’s indictment, with horrifying details of his massacre of thousands of Muslim prisoners.

Anti-Sharia Laws Stir Concerns that Jewish Halachah Could Be Next
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WASHINGTON (JTA) — With conservative lawmakers across the United States trying to outlaw sharia, or Islamic religious law, Jewish organizations are concerned that halachah could be next.