Friday, January 22, 2021   

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How Muslims helped Ireland during the great famine
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by Mehedi Islam

160 years ago, during the Great Famine in Ireland, the Ottoman Empire sent £1,000 sterling (about $1,052,000 today) and 3 shiploads of food to Drogheda, Ireland.

The myth of the murderous Muslim
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Muslims are subversive jihadists. The Middle East is perpetually unstable. “Islam has bloody borders.” If you’ve already made up your mind, you’ll find a way to twist the facts to support your conclusion. And if the facts don’t do the job, you can always hire new ones.

Stephen Colbert: Obama’s Ottoman Empire
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(Via Comedy Central)

The bacon shortage is an Islamic conspiracy, and President Obama’s disloyalty to murderous dictators means another Turkish Empire.

David Horowitz’s Blog Spouting Propaganda as Usual
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David Horowitz’s NewRealBlog is (like FrontPageMag) a lightning rod for people who want to justify their preconceived prejudices about Islam and Muslims. Today, we find an article by Paul Cooper, a pastor, which allegedly purports to expose the reality of women under Sharia law.

Yursil Kidwai: Blasphemy and ‘Sharia’ Laws
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After the Ottoman Empire turned to the modern Turkish republic in 1922, Western powers used a variety of means to draw new maps and lines around lands that were administered previous through a uniquely Islamic understanding of government.