Tuesday, April 7, 2020   

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Drone strikes linked to “unprecedented” psychological trauma in Pakistan
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“They are always apprehensive about the drones, about their lives,” said Pehshawar psychiatrist. A report from the AFP this week finds that the psychological trauma suffered by Pakistanis living under the threat of U.S. drone strikes and Taliban fighting is “unprecedented.”

The hardline Buddhists targeting Sri Lanka’s Muslims
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After a series of attacks on mosques, wild rumours about animal slaughter and an attempt to outlaw the halal system of classification, the BBC’s Charles Haviland investigates how Sri Lanka’s Muslim minority is being targeted by hardline Buddhists.

List of children killed by drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen
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Name | Age | Gender
Noor Aziz | 8 | male
Abdul Wasit | 17 | male
Noor Syed | 8 | male
Wajid Noor | 9 | male

Greece: Protests Against Stabbing of Pakistani Man By Golden Dawn Attackers
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Golden Dawn, which says it wants to rid Greece of illegal immigrants, won 7 percent of the vote in parliamentary elections last June, entering the assembly for the first time on its fiercely anti-immigrant agenda.

Keith Ellison: Congress must take control of drones
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Civilian deaths are too high, and the president’s power is too sweeping. An unmanned U.S. aerial vehicle — or drone — reportedly killed eight people in rural Pakistan last week, bringing the estimated death toll from drone strikes in Pakistan this year to 35.

Orientalist Feminism Rears its Head in India
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Protests following the brutal rape and murder of a young Indian woman have spread to beyond India to other countries in the region, including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Two Muslim women bridge faiths in Newtown vigil
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Huma Yasin was 14 when the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was bombed in Oklahoma City, her hometown.

As an American-born daughter of Pakistani immigrants, the horror of that attack was made worse by early reports suggesting that the perpetrators were Muslims — like her.

U.S. Terrorism: Drone Strikes Are Killing Children
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Robert Greenwald, a documentarian is working on a new film, Drones Exposed, and though it is sad that we live in a world in which there has to be a documentary about drones and their repugnant aftermath, it is nevertheless important that we do not remain in the dark about what is happening in our name.

Robert Greenwald: U.S. Drone Strikes Are Causing Child Casualties: Video and Report
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During my recent trip to Pakistan as part of our upcoming documentary film, Drones Exposed, I was struck most by the stories told to me by children who had experienced a U.S. drone strike firsthand.

Imran Khan: Another Prominent Muslim Detained
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Last spring, US officials detained Indian superstar Shahrukh Khan: King of Bollywood Detained in the US….Again. In 2004, US officials detained Yusuf Islam, a British singer-songwriter formerly known as Cat Stevens. Now they’ve detained Pakistan’s cricket legend and popular politician, Imran Khan.