Monday, July 13, 2020   

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A new poll suggests that American Christians (unlike Muslims) are likely to put their faith before their country

By David Sirota

‘Undercover’ in hijab: unveiling one month later
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Last month, I climbed out of my “lap” and wore a hijab, the Muslim headscarf. I thought this temporary modification of my appearance would bring me closer to an understanding of the Muslim community, but in retrospect, I learned more about my place in the world.

Theresa McCune: Life As a White Muslim
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It is a strange thing to stand between two worlds, with a foot in each, wanting to be in both, and yet not being able to split yourself completely between them.  I find myself again and again at odds with my surroundings, and yet I am at home.

Theresa McCune: This is What I am
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If my fellow Americans are against me for being Muslim, then they are against everything that I am, because I am a free American in a land of religious freedoms, who chose to exercise my right to “Freedom of Religion”. I chose Islam freely, independently, and privately.