Saturday, April 17, 2021   

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Pig’s head placed outside mosque in Oslo
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It was around 04 o’clock Friday night that a passersby found the pig head outside Central Jamaat-E Ahl-E Sunnat mosque in Oslo. When TV 2 came to the place in the night saw the pig head lying in a trashcan at the mosque, but traces of blood were evident on the stairs at ingangsdøren.

Attack on Thurnby Lodge Mosque in Leicester; Pig’s Head Left Outside Mosque
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This was sent to us by a worshipper at the Thurnby Lodge mosque in Leicester. The site has been the centre of activity by the Far Right, including the British National Party and a pigs head was placed outside the entrance to the mosque yesterday, (26/12/12).

Counter-Jihad Strikes Again: “Pig’s head found in Islamic prayer centre in Milan”
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A pig’s head was found on Friday at the PalaSharp Arena in Milan where the local Islamic community holds weekly prayers. The head was found by delegates of the civil protection agency in an area close to where ceremonies are held every Friday.

Extremist Christians at Arab International Festival Seek to Provoke, Spread Hate
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Reading today about the behavior of the fanatical Christian missionary zealots who showed up to provoke crowds for the fourth year in a row at an Arab Internationl Festival in Dearborn, Michigan got me thinking. What was their purpose?