Saturday, September 26, 2020   

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Arson attack on Gdansk Mosque follows halal slaughter Row
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The Muslim community in Poland decided to refrain from the Eid Al-Adha tradition this year due to a new law that Muslim and Jewish groups are describing as a violation of their Constitutional rights.

Brunon K: Another Anders Breivik Admirer Planned Huge Terrorist Attack in Poland
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Of course the Islamophobes’ strategy is to close their eyes, shut their ears and pretend that their ideology didn’t contribute to anti-Muslim radicalization.

Muslim dignitaries pay their respects at Auschwitz
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OSWIECIM, Poland (AP) — In a bid to fight anti-Semitism and bridge cultural rifts, a large delegation of Muslim dignitaries visited Auschwitz on Tuesday to pay tribute to the millions of Jews and others who were systematically killed in the Holocaust.