Saturday, January 16, 2021   

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Captain America in a turban
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I settled on a rock in Central Park, the New York skyline behind me. A glassy new skyscraper neared completion in its stretch toward the skies. I was striking a few poses in my superhero costume when a young boy perched higher on a rock chimed in.

Pat Robertson: Fighting Muslims Is Just Like Fighting Nazis
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Pat Robertson likened critics of Muslims to opponents of Nazis and rejected claims that his opposition to rights for Muslims is bigotry, asking, “I wonder what were people who opposed the Nazis, were they bigots?”

Jalees Rehman, M.D.: Catholic Nun Forcibly Removed From Plane for Wearing “Muslim Garb”
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Sister Cora-Ann, a Catholic nun from the Our Lady of Grace Monastery in Dayton, Ohio got the surprise of her life yesterday, when she was asked to leave the plane she had just boarded at the Omaha International Airport.

Joshua Stanton: Combating E-Islamophobia
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“My student just sent 500 of his closest friends and me an e-mail that says Obama is a radical Muslim only pretending to be a Christian. He wrote that if Obama becomes president, our country will be run by a terrorist. How should I respond to his e-mail?” This was the last question — the stumper — in a long and grueling interview.

6 Men Arrested In Suspected Quran Burning In UK
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LONDON — British police say they have arrested six men on suspicion of stirring racial hatred after they posted a video on the Internet in which they appear to burn two Qurans on Sept. 11.

Earnest Harris: Islam Is Not Our Enemy
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One of the most interesting and stupid manifestations of this anti-Muslim fervor is the large numbers of people who love to claim Obama is a Muslim. What’s interesting isn’t how wrong they are about this but rather the fact that the accusation is clearly thrown out there as if being a Muslim would be another strike against him.