Sunday, April 11, 2021   

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Viewpoint: Trip to mosque builds bridges, links campus and Kalamazoo Islamic Center community
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Farhan Iqbal, Kalamazoo

Islam is the world’s second largest religion and has shown a significant increase over the last decade in many countries, including the United States.

Hamza Kashgari Cheats Death by Tweet
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Last March, we cross posted the story from Wajahat Ali’s blog: Goat Milk: Death by tweet? How Hamza Kashgari’s fate will shape the face of Islam today. Arrested in February of last year, he spent 20 months in jail facing charges of apostasy and a possible death sentence for an “offensive” Tweet.

Islamic cemetery in Jerusalem faces silent destruction
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Jerusalem’s Mamilla, or Maman Allah, cemetery has been a Muslim burial ground since the 7th century. It is said to hold the remains of companions of the Prophet Muhammad, soldiers and officials from the rule of Saladin in the 12th century, as well as generations of Jerusalem’s most important families.

7 Things That May Surprise You About Muhammad
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Everyone knows his name. He was, and still is, one of the most influential figures of all time, yet most of us have little real sense of the man himself. A favorite question of those asking about my new book, “The First Muslim,” is thus what surprised me most in my research. Or rather, what might surprise them.

Norway: Roses, Not Protest
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A positive, creative response to the “Innocence of Muslims” film controversy. (H/T: Syed, who asks: “Now I wonder why this isn’t featured on the frontpage of some magazine?”)

Lupe Fiasco counters anti-Islam video
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Cross posted from Al Jazeera

Many tweets included SAW, or “sallallahu alayhi wasallam”, which translates to “peace be upon him”. The hashtag #MuhammadShowedMe quickly went viral, receiving almost 15,000 mentions in just two days.

Israeli-American Sam Bacile Produces Hate Movie about Prophet Muhammad Provoking Protests and Violence
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There is no excuse for violently reacting to such a poorly made and clearly incendiary movie, ever; in fact it is surreal, like something out of a salivating Islamophobes wildest dream.

Canada: Walk Your Dog in Front of the Mosque Day
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by Garibaldi

In Toronto, Canada there was an Al-Quds(Jerusalem) Day Rally, a yearly event protesting Zionism and the occupation of Jerusalem by Israel, an event that had its genesis in Iran in 1979.

Lars Vilks defends decision to join Geller’s hate fest
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Vilks, the Swedish artist who enraged Muslim groups with his depictions of the Prophet Muhammad as a dog, agreed earlier this month to speak at a conference organized by the anti-Muslim group Stop Islamization of Nations (SION).

Muslims say group’s police training maligns faith
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BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Law enforcement officials across Florida have been repeatedly exposed to training on Muslim extremism “full of inaccuracies, sweeping generalizations and stereotypes,” a complaint filed Wednesday claims.