Sunday, October 25, 2020   

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Rep. Andre Carson: Did He Say the Quran Should Be Taught in Public Schools? Nope
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Right-wing sites such as Fox News, The Blaze, Right Side News and the usual blog suspects ripped four sentences from a 19 minute speech that Carson gave in which he briefly touched on the subject of public vs. faith-based schools.

Group Sues Rick Scott to Prevent Pro-Islam, Anti-Evolution Bias in Public School Textbooks
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Meanwhile, we’re more concerned that teachers in Florida have enough funding, training, and support to make sure their students thoroughly read their textbooks rather than finding any sort of hidden Muslim extremist textbook conspiracy.

Is France’s Islamophobia State-Sanctioned?
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For most of the 105 years it’s been in force, France’s secularity law has endeavored to segregate private religious belief from the strictly agnostic sphere of public life — usually without too much friction.