Friday, April 16, 2021   

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Racist vandals hit Muslim community centre
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Vandals struck at a Preston community centre and daubed the walls with racist graffiti. The Hamaara Centre, at the rear of Castleton Road, Deepdale, Preston, was broken into and windows and furniture were smashed by the offenders.

Racist thugs spat on four-year-old girl and beat up her mother in a sickening attack in her corner shop
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by Leon Watson (Daily Mail)

Racist thugs spat on a four-year-old girl and brutally beat her mother in a sickening attack.

Sikhs Against the EDL backs ‘Love Leicester, Hate Racism’ Demonstration
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The racist and fascist EDL want to march in Leicester this Saturday, 4th February, to spread their racist poison. To counter their unwanted presence and to stop them intimidating the local communities the antiracists will also take to the streets on the same day.

Garage sale nightmare: Woman refuses to sell to homosexuals, Muslims and immigrants
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A woman in Leesburg, Va., is receiving national attention after she responded to queries about an ad on craigslist about her garage sale with a racist and homophobic email.

Ann Coulter: “Terrorists look alike…all foreign…all Muslim”
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Ann Coulter advocates profiling Mooslim looking people on the O’Reilly Factor. She makes O’Reilly sound sane.

Hmmmm…are terrorists all foreign looking?

Racists are ‘trying to form a transnational challenge to Islam’
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Tentative links are developing between supporters of the reactionary Tea Party movement in the US and right-wing fringe groups in Britain opposed to what they call the “Islamification” of Europe.

Radio Host Calls for Terrorist Attack Against Any Mosque Near Ground Zero
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Mike Rosen either has a very bad sense of humor or is a deranged lunatic. But in the anti-Muslim crowd, he will likely be hailed as a hero for speaking up against the very scary menace that is Islam in Manhattan.

‘Say no to burqas’ mural is not anti-Islam says Sydney artist
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Following artist Sergio Redegalli’s painting opposing the Islamic face covering veils with the slogan “Say no to burqas”, security outside the premises has been called in after tensions threatened to boil over.

Friends of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller: The Far Right Sweden Democrats
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Charles Johnson of LGF has a good post on the direct links between the recently victorious “Sweden Democracts” and Pamela Geller/Robert Spencer.

Rick “one issue” Lazio Loses to Carl Paladino
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Rick Lazio has lost the New York GOP primary for governor to Tea Party candidate Carl Paladino. Lazio, a former moderate Republican based his whole campaign on the so called “Ground Zero” mosque controversy.