Wednesday, October 28, 2020   

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Update: Stateless Rohingya Living in Prison-like Camps
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A large chunk of Abdul Rahman’s home is gone, and so is his oldest son, Shakur. The ethnic Rohingya farmer tore down nearly half his home for scrap needed to secure his son’s passage on a boat bound for Malaysia.

Documentary: Myanmar’s “Hidden Genocide”
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The gruesome situation in Myanmar is not getting better. An AlJazeera documentary goes in-depth into the history of the persecution of the Rohingya, as well as the events that spurred this years terrible violence.

‘Near total destruction’ of Myanmar City’s Muslim Quarter
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SITTWE, Myanmar – A human rights group expressed concern for the safety of thousands of Muslims on Saturday after revealing satellite images of a once-thriving coastal community reduced to ashes during a week of violence in western Myanmar.

Muslim homes razed in Burma’s Rakhine state – report
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A team from the UK’s Channel 4 News gained access to Sittwe, which has been off limits to reporters for months. They filmed an area once home to 10,000 that had been reduced to rubble.