Sunday, May 26, 2019   

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Haroon Moghul: What’s Islamophobia, and Do I Have It?
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A closed mind is a terrible thing to behold. But it’s a far worse thing to have to engage. And yet we must. This Saturday, the woman who murdered a complete stranger by shoving him into the path of an arriving subway train was arrested. Her name? Erica Menendez. Her target? Hindus and Muslims. Why? Because of 2001.

The Islamophobia Crisis: Christopher Caldwell in TNR
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The author of a popular monograph on Europe’s alleged Muslim problem, as well as a columnist at the rightly well-regarded Financial Times, Caldwell recently returned to the subject of Islam and Europe with an essay in The New Republic, titled “Europe’s Other Crisis.”

On Gaffney’s Radio Show, Rep. King Suggests Muslims Aren’t American
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On point piece from Sarah Posner, another writer who was an extraordinary “anti-Loon” in 2010. It goes to show that despite all of Rep. King’s protestations that his hearings are innocent of bigotry his statements prove otherwise.